The birth of Happy Projects

Hi, my name is Paco Collazo, a design, travel, and food lover. And I want to share with you a little bit about me, my history and the paths that led me to the events world.

I describe myself as a very creative, curious, friendly, and detail-oriented man, searching for new experiences and learnings.

This driven personality is maybe the reason why I have made of my work my passion. It was a natural call since I come from an event production family, a business that started with my grandfather and continues with my father.

My journey began when I was 14 years old, when my dad assigned me to the graphic department of our family's stand building company, moving me into different areas until eventually, I earned the position of Sales Director.

During this period, I had the opportunity of traveling a lot and meeting people from all over the world, which gave me a different perspective not only on life but as professional on how to conduct business in my country and bring the good from other partner's companies into ours.

So as restless as I am, I realized it was time to start my new adventure, I already had the knowledge, the experience and maturity to run my own business. I knew the market and was aware of the current needs of the industry, and I had a clear idea of how I could fulfill those areas of opportunity.

Happy Projects was born to offer a comprehensive solution to help our partners and clients develop their event in the best way. Everything they need, we will get it no matter which part of the world they are.

We shine by delivering every time our clients’ needs in the US, South America, and Europe. For us, their satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Every project, every challenge has become a lesson. That has encouraged my team and me to do our best every day. For us, the best reward is to see the smile of our clients when they receive their stand, and it surpasses their expectations, this is our greatest motivation.

The trust and preference of our clients are the results of our passion, hard work, and commitment.

My wish is for Happy Projects to become an international project management haven. My team and I are excited about the perspective of collaborating with the most prestigious companies of stand builders and events producers around the world.

We are sure that the future holds amazing things for our clients and us.

We hope we can collaborate with you on the incoming events. We are sure they will be very happy projects.

Paco Collazo


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