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We are fast, we are efficient, we can help save lives

This pandemic put our industry in rest mode for maybe two weeks at first, but we as a super resilient group cannot stay quiet for that long. So, we decided to get back to work, this time to help our communities and better our society.

Some of these abilities are quick response time, fast build-up times, not being overwhelmed by gigantic tasks. As a matter of fact, we are a rare breed that enjoys this stress and works better with tight deadlines, unlike any other industry.

The event family is composed of hard-working, creative, resourceful, and generous professionals that are ready to make use of their abilities and resources to help others. Even the smallest act can make a significant difference.

In other circumstances, we are competitors, but now, we are united to achieve the same result, help in whatever fashion we can using our resources.

At Happy Projects, we are immensely proud and humbled about collaborating with Live for Life. An initiative that has brought together events professionals to build, install, and ship temporary hospital structures and patient treatment rooms.

Happy Projects is diverting its resources to help our community with designing and managing temporary walling structures, rooms, and fabrics. We are aiding people in the US, Mexico, and LATAM.

We are sure that together we can accomplish great things, and now more than ever, our communities need us.

If you want to learn more about Live for Life go to

We would like to know about more initiatives like this. Tell us how you are helping at

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